Patient Testimonials


"My recovery with my hip replacement has been very good and I am back to my every day activities.  I have had a great experience and would recommend that anyone experiencing joint pain at least talk to a physician about the options that are available."
~Rusty Martz, patient of Dr. Michael Sobolewski


"Despite having other orthopedic surgeries, my shoulder replacement was the easiest and most rewarding.  Dr. Sobolewski really took his time with me.  I never felt rushed.  Every question I had was answered and he did a really great job explaining everything to me, both before and after the surgery."                                          
~Richard Rembold, patient of Dr. Michael Sobolewski

  "People were surprised that I was getting a hip replacement at Somerset Hospital.  I have been absolutely thrilled with Dr. Sobolewski.  Three months after my surgery, I was back to doing everything that I would like."
~Rick Barron, patient of Dr. Michael Sobolewski
  "When I learned that I would need to have my meniscus repaired, Dr. Girdany was very nice.  He really took his time with me.  He explained all of my options, as well as the potential complications.  I am very happy with my results.  I have regained full range of motion in my knee."
~Sharon Fox, patient of Dr. David Girdany
  "The very next day after Dr. Girdany did my first knee replacement, I told him he had a job for the second.  Half of the operation is feeling comfortable with your doctor.  Dr. Girdany is easy to talk to and he really listens."
~Donald Deist, patient of Dr. David Girdany



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